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Clarify Your Goals
& Visions

Gain A Clear Understanding Of Your DreamScape. 

In my new book you will learn how to analyze your dreams as well as daytime experiences, daydreams and meditations. 

Your subconscious is always communicating with you. When you practice DreamScape Consciousness you create a unique language with your inner being through symbols and emotion. 

* Beautiful Spiral Bound Book

(Lays Flat While You Work With Your Dreams)

Written By Aurora Hill

Published By DreamScape Consciousness Publishing Co. 

* 31 beautiful inspirational cards to inspire your personalized symbolism.

Artwork by Aurora Hill & Christine Owens.

* DreamJournal included and

a beautiful cloth bag to hold your set.


Aurora Hill At A New Moon Gathering On Coeur d'Alene Lake

About Aurora Hill

I have studied and worked with my Dreams for almost 30 years and have recently published the book ‘DreamScape Consciousness’ which includes an inspirational deck of cards. My fascination with vivid and exciting dreams began early and continued throughout my life. Remembering dreams from when I was a young child provided interesting topics of study when I delved into dream analysis as an adult. I could still feel the excitement of flying, or the fear of not being able to scream, or the intrigue I had with unfamiliar events and strange characters. My intention for sharing this methodology for dream analysis is to encourage the Dreamer to discover what these fascinating visions and experiences symbolize in their own life.

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 Explore The Inner Workings of Your Personal Growth

I Offer A Wide Variety of Modalities for Personal Growth & Celebration!

Join Me In Safe, Sacred Space that Encourages You on Your Path by Clarifying Your Goals & Visions

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