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DreamScape Consciousness
Inspirational Cards and Book 
Coming Soon!


DreamScape Consciousness is a portal into the world of personal dream analysis, through daytime experiences as well as night time dream work. 


Life occurs spontaneously and I believe I’m responsible for a conscious interaction with the infinite unfolding of the Living Oneness of Vital Energy (L.O.V.E.). I am only capable of consciously choosing my response to life if I am aware of the beliefs that are driving my choices.


Our beliefs are the driving force in our reaction and response to all of life. Everything we do and say is predicated on a very personal belief system. Beliefs may be archaic, outmoded and largely unacknowledged; some beliefs are based in tribal, communal, familial, religious and social systems, they drive reactions and responses with or without our awareness. Beliefs impact our own lives as well as the lives of others whether we acknowledge the impact or not. 

DreamScape Consciousness is a tool that is used to unlock the myriad of beliefs that run everything we choose. It expands the capability for one to respond consciously and interact harmoniously with all of life.

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