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DreamScape Consciousness is a tool that guides us

through unlocking personal, unique symbolism. 

The Power of Symbolism

Dreams, images, and visions are symbols of the memories locked in a language that only the dreamer can fully decode. 

Aurora Hills' new book 'DreamScape Consciousness A Personal Relationship with L.O.V.E.' skillfully explains the conscious and unconscious relationship humans have with the Living Oneness of Vital Energy. 

DreamScape Symbolism

Life is Your DreamScape! 
Are You Dreaming Big?

Moments that trigger us have a message, or we wouldn't be triggered in the first place. 

An outdated belief may be running on autopilot or perhaps true survival is being activated. Triggers are the key to those beliefs and the dreamer has a treasure chest full of memories that reveal the truth of our reactions.


DreamScape is an immersion into dream analysis that guides people into an inner-standing of the human experience through art, mythology, symbolism, sound and linguistics. 

The Power of DreamGroup

The Power of DreamGroup

Practicing dream analysis with a group often leads to connections and understandings that become extremely valuable. You will learn about each other’s symbolism and know how to spot messages that the dreamer may have missed.


"I have had a wonderful experience with this class and will definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to delve deeper into their own dreamscapes."

Mary Slapkauskas

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