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DreamQuest Retreats

DreamQuest Retreats are designed to provide participants with a safe environment for solitude and inner work at each individual’s level of comfort.  DreamQuest Retreats are modeled around traditions and observances from many cultures around the world. We offer flexibility for each participant to apply their own spiritual intentions and practices, as well as guidance and training for a safe and fulfilling DreamQuest.


DreamQuest Retreats begin on a Wednesday and complete on a Sunday afternoon.
Here’s the basic agenda for a five day retreat:

Wednesday Arrival

Participants arrive and select their private/solo campsite for DreamQuest


Wednesday Night

Dinner together

Opening Ceremony


Establish a buddy system and answer last minute questions

Retire to your sacred campsite


Thursday Morning

Breakfast together

Journey ceremony


Thursday - Sunday

Solo time in sacred campsite

Sunday Midday

Return to base camp

Ceremony check in and processing

Closing Circle


Sunday Night

Departure from your DreamQuest and return Home


Please contact Gathering Thyme Ministries for complete package information and pricing. DreamQuest Retreat costs and scheduling are based on location, number of participants and the facilitators availability.


In my DreamQuest I was focusing on what my passion was. The first thing I noticed was how many thoughts were from other people. My son nitpicking about how to put up my tent for example. By the end of the DreamQuest my mind had quieted and I realized that I'm passionate about myself and all that I create!

Kristy (Krysta Bell)

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