DreamScape is a tool for communicating with your subconscious

The Power of Symbolism

Symbols are a personal language between us and our divine helpers. The language of symbolism is a private code that only the dreamer can fully understand. 


DreamScape Consciousness is a powerful tool for understanding the messages within the symbolism, inherent in all aspects of our lives.


Your DreamScape is Night Dreams, Day Dreams, Meditations, & Journeys

Moments that trigger us have a message, or we wouldn't be triggered in the first place. 

An outdated belief may be running on autopilot or perhaps true survival is being activated. Triggers are the key to those beliefs and the dreamer has a treasure chest full of memories that reveal the truth of our reactions.


Meditations, Journey work and Day dreams are a great way to tap into your imagination and encourage powerful breakthroughs in personal growth and creativity. 

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The Power of Dream Group

Practicing dream analysis with a group often leads to connections and understandings that become extremely valuable. You will learn about each other’s symbolism and know how to spot messages that the may have dreamer missed.

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I have had a wonderful experience with this class and will definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to delve deeper into their own dreamscapes.

Mary Slapkauskas