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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Walking through a New way of Being

No. 11 ~ Portal A Card from the Inspirational DreamScape Deck

Why do numbers, symbols and images become inspiring or symbolic?


     My first Blog talks about the value of clearly understanding personal symbolism and the impact it has on our lives.  Touch and sound are the first “symbolism” we are introduced to. As infants, we are spoken to and we place meaning to the words, sounds and emotions invoked by what we feel and what we hear.  We have no context for ascribing meaning to those experiences other than how it makes us feel! We spend our entire life applying personal meaning and interpretation to memories and experiences establishing trigger points that dictate our response to future events. (I use the word ‘dictate’ here because our reactions are often knee-jerk and have little conscious thought guiding them!) Fast forward 15 or 20 years and we no longer have a concept for why we feel a certain way when confronted by actions and experiences that trigger us. We only have a perception of the need to protect or defend when something triggers our nervous system. It is a response we made up about our experience many years ago which had nothing to do with the intentions of the person or situation at hand today. The ‘symbol’ becomes the trigger that sets off a reaction in us, sending us down a rabbit hole of potential shame, blame and confusion.


A personal experience recently sent me down a rabbit hole of inadequacy and incompetence (personal shame, blame and confusion). It was triggered by my lack of interest or presence on social media, I began to tell mySelf I am not qualified or savvy enough to maneuver the world of TikTok, Instagram, Marco, Messenger, Websites etc. therefore I am a failure at self marketing! The reaction is visceral, I feel it in my solar plexus and it runs up my spine chilling me from the inside out! I spent my first career (as a Design Draftsperson and Project Engineer) dependent on computer technology to create CAD drawings for multi-million dollar projects and was often the resident computer geek in offices where I worked, yet today I am confronted by the tech requirements and the prospect of sharing my passion on a platform that I don’t understand and keep telling mySelf “I don’t WANT to….!” This became the trigger that opened the Portal of Self-discovery! Michael Brown (The Presence Process) helped me see many years ago that an “upset” is the “set-up” for me to delve deeper into my own psyche for the trigger, then I learned to use DreamScape Consciousness to discern the symbolism and the belief that is driving my reaction. Firstly, I do not like feeling inadequate, incompetent or disabled! Secondly, my interpretation (or belief) that I AM any of these adjectives normally elicits indignation and determination. If anyone else were to accuse me of such things I would instantly be setting about to prove them wrong! Here, the Portal begins to open! If I am not these things, or if I wish for a different story to be told about me - where would that begin? The upset is the ‘set-up’ pointing right back at me! I am the only one who can make a difference when it comes to my response to the triggers in my life. Most of my students will recognize a favorite meme of mine: “You’ll have success, or you’ll have your reasons.” So, I set about changing my story (the reasons for my lack of success were blamed on social media and my lack of influence and competence!) Lo and behold! Social Media is not my jam and my story had nothing to do with my inadequacies, it is simply a story I am telling that limits my success! (It may even get me off the hook of having to follow through with something difficult or challenging. Saying “I can’t” renders me incapable until I say something different!) What I realize about mySelf is that my strengths and gifts are my words. My classes and DreamGroups are an inspiration for those interested in discovering the power of symbolism and Creative Neuro-Scaping © in their lives. The groups I facilitate and the students I work with are not dependent on my ability to navigate Social Media ~ they are dependent on me showing up and sharing what I am passionate about.  DreamScape Consciousness  is a tool for manifesting the dreams and visions we say we are passionate about fulfilling… why are my dreams illusive and incomplete? What am I saying? What am I thinking? That’s what I am creating! Walking through the Portal with untethered Dreams or quashing them with fear is a function of my own narrative.

Are you speaking Dreams or fears into reality?

     There’s a very subtle distinction between manifesting dreams or manifesting fear. I invite you to register for DreamGroup and join us every Thursday at 5:30 or Sign up for my Blog to stay informed about upcoming events, retreats and Zoom groups. Walk through the Portal of Self-Empowerment as we break down the barriers of limiting conversations and false narratives. Narratives which are usually perpetuated by our own Self-Talk. We will delve deeper and deeper into Creative Neuro-Scaping ©; the inner manifestation of what self-talk is actually creating. DreamScape Consciousness gives power to femifesting (manifesting) Dreams and Visions with our words.

There’s magick in the “spelling” of every word we speak.

Aurora Hill 2023

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