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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Hi, my name is Aurora Hill. I have studied and worked with my Dreams for almost 30 years and have recently published the book ‘DreamScape Consciousness’ which includes an inspirational deck of cards. My fascination with vivid and exciting dreams began early and continued throughout my life. Remembering dreams from when I was a young child were interesting topics of study when I delved into dream analysis as an adult. I could still feel the excitement of flying, or the fear of not being able to scream, or the intrigue I had with unfamiliar events and strange characters. My intention for sharing this methodology for dream analysis is to encourage the Dreamer to discover what these fascinating visions and experiences symbolize in their own life.

‘DreamScape Consciousness’ guides the reader through self-analysis and interpretation of dreams, visions, meditations, and journeys while encouraging the discovery of vivid symbolism in everything we experience night and day! I tell all of my students “No one can interpret your DreamScape as succinctly as you can! It simply takes time to understand your personal Language of Symbolism!”

What is DreamScape?

Dream analysis guides our conscious awareness of the personal symbolism that dances through our reactions and responses every waking and sleeping moment of our lives. If you have an interest in choreographing your own dance in this endless Cosmic Journey, you’re in the right place. This is not a philosophical endeavor, It isn’t cultural, scientific, or academic. (Although it’s often a dance with any or all of these.) It doesn’t require special tools or use magic. You don’t have to know how to use crystals, runes, or tarot. You don’t even have to remember your dreams. It simply requires an interest in one’s own connection to life and a desire to direct that life consciously with curiosity and engagement.

DreamScape Consciousness arises from a personal relationship to the divine

Living Oneness of Vital Energy (L*O*V*E*) Everything we experience (night and day) is our dreamscape and our relationship to Divine L*O*V*E* is an active and curious journey toward making sense of our lives, why and how we make choices and what drives our reactions. Some cultures call it dreamtime, some may call it our story or history - It’s our life, our DreamScape!

Why do you want to understand your Dreams?

Most people are at least curious about the weird, scary and vivid dreams that unfold like a video during their sleep. Some folks actually don’t see images yet, awaken with a story or knowing about the dream. Dreamers often seek an understanding of actions in their dream that would be totally alien in their waking life. Dreams may be uplifting, brilliant, mystical or sensational and the dreamer wants more. My book walks you through the guidelines for analyzing your dreams and encourages you to delve deeply into personal symbolism to appreciate the most accurate self-analysis. Interestingly, that symbolism is alive and active even when we are awake. (The same mind is at work whether you are awake or asleep.) The beliefs wrapped up in symbolism drive our reactions and responses in everything we do. With this in mind, daytime events or disturbing interactions in our waking life can be accurately analyzed using the same guidelines and symbolic interpretations. Interpretations rely heavily on what we ‘feel’ and our culture typically undermines the true nature of feeling.

We will continue to explore our DreamScapes and the practical uses for understanding this phenomenon along with ways to refine our response and enhance our lives. Our interaction with feelings will unfold through the study of ‘Creative Neuro-Scaping’© which strives to understand automatic reactions to sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, and then use that discovery to alter our relationship to life and L*O*V*E* in positive and creative ways.

Excitement is fear with a smile!

Check Out My Book & Inspirational Card Set Here

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